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‘Threat intelligence providers’ thriving in era of small-business computer hacking

‘Threat intelligence providers’ thriving in era of small-business computer hacking
‘‘When they first told us, we said, ‘No way,’’’ Gene Cate said recently, recalling two years ago, when the Cates received a visit from men informing them that their server had become a conduit for Chinese spies. The men came from a startup …
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Who killed Windows Small Business Server? Google
Most people probably didn’t turn a glance at Microsoft’s other big recent release, Windows Server 2012. Server operating systems rarely get much attention, and appropriately so; their appeal and importance really only extends to the rank and file of server …
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Home Office – My Desk – Old 2005

Some cool servers for small business images:

Home Office – My Desk – Old 2005
servers for small business
Image by fensterbme
UPDATED: This photo is over five years old and is out-dated. If you are interested in seeing what my half of our office looks like Click Here. I’ve switched almost entirely over to Mac and things are a lot simpler overall.

Old Description of Office as it Was in 2005:
I spend a lot of time here. It’s my half of our home office (my wife has the other half). I work out of my house about 40% of the time, and my wife works out of the house in the evenings and weekends. We both work a good bit… so we are in this room more than any other in our house.

Anyways, my side of our office is filled with tech stuff. I have two large tower cases (one is a server, the other is my desktop), my work laptop, my personal laptop and my Macinotsh G4.

These machines connect to another group of computers in my basement (I have six runs of CAT5e cabling between my 2nd floor office and basement). I run my firewall (Smoothwall), two test linux systems, and another Windows XP machine running next to my music/audio stuff, all out of my basement to avoid the complete geek overrun of the office. In fact soon the server and desktop machines will also move to the basement and into a custom rack enclosure (along with my other mess of boxes downstairs) I will then build another AMD dual core system to be my desktop computer. As my current desktop is headed to be a virtualization server (VMWare) which will act as a test bed /home lab for me.

All the fast stuff connects via gigabit ethernet (Server, Main Desktop, G4 Macintosh, downstairs XP machine and my wife’s HP nc8230 laptop), the other stuff has to stay in the slow lane with fast ethernet connections, or wireless connections if I feel like walking about.

Click here to see a photo of our book case on the other side of the room.

Here is a link to the photo of my real office which isn’t nearly as exciting.

NOTE: This photo made it into Flickr’s ‘Explore" as one of the top five hundred most interesting photos on a particular day. You can see all of my photo’s that have made it into the Flickr Explore pages here.

labyrinthine circuit board lines
servers for small business
Image by quapan
In the center of the roundabout doesn’t lurk a tarantula, a minotaur or a www-bugspider but there are standing out – of a black π-perforation [r=1mm] – the anchoring grab-buckets of the AGP-slot residing upon the upper side. The PGA370-Socket motherboard {19.2_x_30.5 [cm]} is equipped with Integrated Circuits that were assembled in the 90ties.

SIZE (of the framing)
real /~thumbnail-area/ : ~ 18 x 13 [mm]
virtual /max. available for FC/ : 1273 x 927 [pixel]; 158.509 [cols]

STEADINESS was provided by a tripod, ILLUMINATION by the sun.

TECHNOLOGIES: surface mountthrough-hole
Surface mount technology (SMT) is a method for constructing electronic circuits in which the components (SMC, or Surface Mounted Components) are mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Electronic devices so made are called surface-mount devices or SMDs. In the industry it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board.
An SMT component is usually smaller than its through-hole counterpart because it has either smaller leads or no leads at all. It may have short pins or leads of various styles, flat contacts, a matrix of solder balls (BGAs), or terminations on the body of the component.
This platform for Pentium III is not wholly obsolete, but its use is today limited to the above specialty applications, having been superseded by Socket 423/478/775 (for Pentium 4 and Core 2 processors). Via is at present still producing Socket 370 processors but committed to migrating their processor line to ball grid array packages.
Perplexing Circuit Board Lines
Despite what appears to be a perplexing mishmash of lines, there’s an actual method to this madness. These lines conduct electricity to get the data to the on-chip processor with no interference, thusly unlike traditionally insulated wires, circuit board lines cannot cross each other. – The darkred circles of the photo allow the data signal to safely transfer from one side of the circuit board to the other, and get past any electronic obstacles in its way.

printed circuit board (PCB)
A printed circuit board (PCB) is a circuit board fabricated by densely mounting a plurality of parts on a plate made of phenol resin or epoxy resin and densely forming curtailed circuits on the surface of the plate to connect the respective parts to each other. A printed circuit board is typically produced by alternately stacking a plurality of substrates with conductive circuits formed thereon and prepreg sheets, bonding them under heat and pressure, forming holes to allow electrical parts to be mounted on the insulating plate, and plating them with copper or other metallic materials to provide an electrical connection between the surface and inner layers. Printed circuit boards have a variety of electric or electronic parts soldered to their circuit patterns which are formed by labyrinth-like copper foils, each having electric or electronic parts soldered to lands with their terminals inserted in the terminal holes, which are made in the lands. Printed circuit boards are classified into single-sided PCBs, double-sided PCBs and multi-layer PCBs depending the number of wiring circuit surfaces. A multi-layer PCB provides a plurality of electrically conductive layers separated by insulating dielectric layers. A typical multi-layer PCB includes many layers of copper, with each layer of copper separated by a dielectric material. Multi-layer printed circuit boards are commonly used in electronic devices to connect electronic components such as integrated circuits to one another. Printed circuit boards used in various types of data processing systems (especially in computers) are typically mounted within a plastic or sheet metal housing structure, and are conventionally referred to as motherboards …

Make knotwork-like designs from old electronic circuit boards Another characteristic of Celtic/Anglo-Saxon art is ‘knotwork’. Lines and ribbons are taken on never-ending journeys through complex repeats of flyovers and underpasses. © The British Library Board
    Image of an older circuit board with mostly through hole technology fabricated: circuit board of greenish colour.
Along came the spiders
The busy creatures who will guide you through the Internet Forbes, October 23, 1995
►► google-search results ◄◄
{(239/326/28,500/29,100/32,100/25,700/75,600 – July29/Aug14/Jan10/Sept10/20Oct10/09Mar11/15May2014)}

Just lurking for now by Dave’s Whiteboard, Dec 22nd, 2009
Jaron Lanier: technology humanist Los Angeles Times: Books, Authors and all things bookish by Carolyn Kellogg, Jan 10, 2010
Shack’s Comings and Goings – A compilation of lessons, reviews, tips and advice that has helped my writing (w translations into 16 languages). Andy Shack on August 9th 2009
Computerworld Releases Special Report for IT Professionals Mindy on June 17th 2009
Multimodal imaging reveals consistent role for genes as mediators of circuit structure/function … In his article, "Neural Connectivity as an Intermediate Phenotype: Brain Networks Under Genetic Control" [doi: 10.1002/hbm.20639] Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg examines the DARPP32, 5HTT and MAOA genes and asks whether their associations with aspects of brain structure/function are in any way consistent across different neuroimaging modalities. Amazingly, the answer seems to be, yes… – dendrite on July 31st 2009
Spiele ohne Grenzen Am Analystentag des Chipkonzerns verbreitert dieser sein Einzugsgebiet …. Intel Outside könnten Konkurrenten auf Handys und weitere Consumerelektronik-Geräte schreiben. May 27th 2009 by
Image has no backlink but has got the new description: "technology and creativity bring beauty and symmetry" by theabundantartist on Aug 14th 2009
Thinking Like a Computer library @, by Willans on 2010-02-04 Truncation: An asterisk * which asks the computer to look for a sequence of characters and any number of characters after that. Wildcard: A question mark ? which asks the computer to look for a sequence of characters and replace the wildcard with any one character. Phrasing: Asking the computer to regard a phrase as one sequence of characters by putting inverted commas " " around the phrase. Boolean Operators: Words used to combine searches in different ways OR asks the computer to find resources containing ANY of the given terms (used for similar terms) AND asks the computer to find resources containing ALL of the given terms (used for different terms) NOT asks the computer to eliminate any resources containing a given term.
Tek Talk Today Introduction by Lynn S on Sunday, 20th Sept 2009
Cool "socket 370″images A few nice socket 370 images I found
diggyblog October 15th, 2009
Search results for "system:lectures "
Doug Clow’s Imaginatively-Titled Blog – New Technology in Higher Education – Digital scholarship: Advanced technologies for research (1) posted on 10 March 2010
Science Hack Day and The Revolutionaries July 1, 2010 – by Premasagar
Download Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for Your Small Business Posted on June 8, 2010 by Windows Software Team
Israel’s Cyber Weapons by Eric on September 28, 2010
A Bursting Market: Cisco Building APIs for Cloud Infrastructure Automation By Alex Williams / March 8, 2011 8:45 AM
Consistency is King Content, as king, is dead. Long live the new king, consistency. By Ian, March 18, 2011.

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@ netagura virtualbox Thinkpad T61でUbuntu再び その4 IntelVTを体感 , 10 月 5th, 2008
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@ Free 3ds Textures: Small (240px / 175px), Medium (500px / 364px), Large (1273px / 927px) [‘BACKUPs’ of my flickr-image], patterns, detail, circuit,pattern, architecture, spider.
@ picturesandbox free figstockphotography: electronics, industry, process, spider, Free 3D Photos, free Data Center
@ articleslash: Virtual Or Real – How Many Different Faces Are There in Your Book?
@ yamaiko: superseded
3ds Spider Textures Creative Commons project by Dustin Senos and is powered by Media Temple and phpFlickr…
Random Nature Patterns FunSciEnt-Just another Science site, Oct 24th, 2009
News From US … Provide The Latest News From All Over The Universe Jun.30, 2010 in Tech and Science
박영환의 ‘넥스트
free photos for business w license for commercial use with attribution
labyrinthine circuit board lines photohorde, June 2008
PALETTE: #595638 #B76413 #E1972B #FFD689 #325CC3 @ colorhunter
photos populaires @ B-Real –
zephoria Danah Boyd@ friendfeed
IC photos les plus populaires labyrinthine circuit board lines @ djibouti-net
Мой интернет. Все об интернете 2003 Октябрь (My Internet {with Google Chrome only; IE blocks it out}. All of the Internet 2003 October) @
Embed Code for this Photo with Attribution License @everystockphoto
Intellectual property rights protect an individual or business against unfair encroachment and misappropriation of hard work and creativity by usurpers and infringers. Society (through its laws) generally seeks to promote competition and innovation in the marketplace of goods and services. By protecting intellectual property, society rewards the types of creative, industrious activities that provide new and better choices to all members of society.
Celtic Sculpture origins of Irish Art, Celtic Jewelry and Celtic Sculpture
Patent Transfer Ltd – Patent Monetization Services Posted by admin On June – 17 – 2010 | Effective Make Money Online Strategies (12th October 2010)
White Paper: Saving Your Servers from Disaster By Alex Williams / May 18, 2011

15th May 2014: 183,503 views

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Hyperscale is where the growth is: Cloud and virtualisation ravage enterprise server demand

Hyperscale is where the growth is: Cloud and virtualisation ravage enterprise server demand
The enterprise and small or midsize business segments remain relatively … as virtualisation and cloud services reduced the need for companies to buy their own server hardware. The EMEA market had the weakest start to the year in terms of shipments …
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Sometimes you just need some physical hardware
It’s amazing how much processing power you can shove into such a small space … we’ll just have to expand out the server farm. It’s also amazing how big the boxes are to hold that little bit of hardware (scroll down for that pic).
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2016 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems
While some small business owners prefer a product that is installed on their desktop or server, others are looking for accessibility – whether that be from laptops, tablets, iPhones, or Android devices. Entrepreneurs and their accountants can both agree …
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Server shipments fall as firms use cloud and virtualisation to cut hardware costs
Hyperscale datacentre builds are propping up the worldwide server market, as SMEs and enterprises look to cloud and virtualisation technologies to cut hardware costs … “The enterprise and small or mid-size business segments remain relatively flat …
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Latest Poweredge 860 News

Dell Poweredge 860
poweredge 860
Image by hombertho

Dell PowerEdge 860 CPU upgrade
I have an old PowerEdge 860 that I would like to use for some XenServer testing. It currently has an Intel E4500, 2.20, 2M, CORE DUO-CONROE, which does not have Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x), so it’ll limit the Xen functionality (if it even works …
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Servers from Dell, Newly Developed, to Boost Small Businesses
The Dell PowerEdge 1900, 860 and 840 and Dell PowerEdge SC1430 and SC440 servers are designed to help small businesses grow and large businesses that need remote office support. The servers, combined with the availability of Microsoft Small Business Server …
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TRENDnet’s New 10 Gigabit Switches Now Available

TRENDnet’s New 10 Gigabit Switches Now Available
The 28-Port Web Smart Switch, model TEG-30284, features 24 Gigabit ports and … Last November, TRENDnet launched its 10 Gigabit product category with three high-performance fiber SFP+ modules, model numbers TEG-10GBS40, TEG-10GBS10, and TEG-10GBSR.
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TRENDnet’s new line of 10 Gigabit switches now available worldwide
The 28-Port Web Smart Switch, model TEG-30284, features 24 Gigabit ports and … Last November, TRENDnet launched its 10 Gigabit product category with three high-performance fiber SFP+ modules, model numbers TEG-10GBS40, TEG-10GBS10, and TEG-10GBSR.
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10G switch line from TRENDnet
The 28-Port Web Smart Switch, model TEG-30284, features 24 Gigabit ports and … Last November, TRENDnet launched its 10 Gigabit product category with three high-performance fiber SFP+ modules, model numbers TEG-10GBS40, TEG-10GBS10, and TEG-10GBSR.
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Latest Windows Server 2012 Small Business News

Who killed Windows Small Business Server? Google
And plus, with Windows 8 and Surface making the public rounds, there’s plenty of fanfare to go around. But there’s something most obviously missing from the latest Server 2012 lineup, and that is a subsequent Small Business Server release. Redmond …
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Windows Server 2012 Essentials: Easy small business Internet and cloud
Figures A and B show the login and landing page experience for small business employees. Also, because Windows Server 2012 Essentials has built-in hooks to Office 365, it is particularly suited to small businesses that want to integrate on-premise Active …
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HPE server business on an upswing in a down market | #HPEdiscover

HPE server business on an upswing in a down market | #HPEdiscover
We’ve used a modular approach … and specialize our offering to yield the best outcome for the typical … hybrid IT through subscription model to small and mid-sized businesses. The on-premise server as provides the benefits of the cloud and scales …
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Server Market Revenues Decline in 1Q16: Gartner & IDC
The enterprise and small or midsize business (SMB … SYSTEMS Industry Price Index With respect to individual server manufacturers, both the firms have a similar view on the top five vendors. According to Gartner and IDC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise …
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Latest Switch Networking News

This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
Networking has undergone radical changes in the past few years, and two startup launches this week show the revolution isn’t over yet. Barefoot Networks is making what it calls a fully programmable switch platform. It came out of stealth mode on Tuesday …
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Flickr Tool: BlackMagic – disabled as the new Flickr Changes no longer allow it to function! Sorry-Nosha

Check out these small web server images:

Flickr Tool: BlackMagic – disabled as the new Flickr Changes no longer allow it to function! Sorry-Nosha
small web server
Image by nosha
9 March 2010: Read on further below to see how to add any
color background you would like to a blackmagic view… a new
feature. .

B l a c k M a g i c, a new Flickr tool is available.

Blackmagic is very easy to use. Paste:

better view

into your photo description underneath any of the photos in your

Adding it in a photo comment on your or other’s photos is also just

You can replace the " better view " with any text you would like shown
for the link.

Those of you that use more advanced uploading tools can add this to
the text template of each of your photos.

What you get:

From any of your photo pages, an "On Black" style photo view –
view your pictures in medium or large size on black, grey, or white

From your Flickr home page, you get a Flickr Hive
view of your photo stream. From there, clicking on any photo
gets you the BlackMagic view.

Strengths of BlackMagic

BlackMagic uses something called "referer" information to figure out
the picture you were looking at, so you don’t have to craft a new
link for each picture

If you want to create custom links you can do so – there’s a
custom link as well as example link text available on every BlackMagic
page (follow the "more" link).

Blackmagic is often faster than other tools that do this type
of display, as it makes only a single, simple call to the Flickr API
to do its work.

Weaknesses of BlackMagic

If you click on a BlackMagic link on a person’s home page, BlackMagic
can’t figure out which of the the photos you were
looking at. However there’s a solution: BlackMagic sends you to a
custom view of all pictures on the user’s home page (via Flickr Hive
Mind ), and then clicking on any of those pictures gives you a
BlackMagic view (as mentioned above).

Super-paranoid web browser settings shut off "referer" information –
BlackMagic can’t figure out which picture you are looking at. You
can still use custom links, which will work on all browsers (as
opposed to 99% of them).

BlackMagic links generally do not work from emails or RSS
feeds. Again, if you are concerned about this working then
creating a custom link works in all cases.


New March 2010 feature you can now specify the background color
you want for any or all of your photos. Follow the example link
formats below:

(this is web color #333333, a dark gray)

(this is web color #ff0000, bright red!)

a pasteable example:

view on dark grey

To see how these colors are specified, see:

the ‘Hex Triplet’ colors (without the leading #)

and the ‘HTML color names’

should all work…

Michael Brush has sent me another invaluable link for colors. Thanks, Michael!

23 May: A bug that led to your default small/big black/grey settings
not being used has been fixed. Let me know if I’ve broken anything!

23 May: the display has been made even more minimal! Click on "More"
to see other options and links from Blackmagic pages.

22 May: was switched to new DNS Servers for what I hope
to be added stability during the day. It seemed the old DNS servers
were flaking out sporadically and were not sufficiently redundant.

6 May 2009: New server for added speed and (eventually) stability.
Added html to paste into your flickr page at the bottom of every Black
Magic page. (only necessary if you want a specific, customized

16 March:

Image from page 42 of “Hardwicke’s science-gossip : an illustrated medium of interchange and gossip for students and lovers of nature” (1867)
small web server
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hardwickesscienc03cook
Title: Hardwicke’s science-gossip : an illustrated medium of interchange and gossip for students and lovers of nature
Year: 1867 (1860s)
Authors: Cooke, M. C. (Mordecai Cubitt), b. 1825 Taylor, J. E. (John Ellor), 1837-1895
Subjects: Science Natural history
Publisher: London : Robert Hardwicke
Contributing Library: MBLWHOI Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MBLWHOI Library

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
I have now before me sixteen small boxes, con-taining as many different kinds of shells, spines,&c., one holding about thirty sorts of corals, manyof exquisite beauty; the whole of thesespecimens, weighing with those not yetsorted nearly one ounce and a half, wereobtained from about one pound weightof chalk. I have also another box ofsmall foraminifera, prepared from a likequantity of chalk; these are equallybeautiful, but weigh somewhat less than3 drachms, and no corals can I find. Itmust, however, be very poor in fossils,if a lb. of chalk do not yield a sufficientquantity to satisfy any microscopic ob-server. Edwakd H. Robertson. [Note— The woodcuts, Figs. 33 to 36,from Figuiers World before the De-luge, were kindly placed at our disposalby Messrs. Chapman & Hall.] A Fig. 35. Chalk of the Isle of Mocn, Denmark. as a vast number of beautiful forms are obtained.Some practice is required, a little judgment must

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 36. Chalk of Cattolica, Sicily. be exercised, and] the result will vary, according asthe chalk used is prolific of fossils, or otherwise. SPIDERS NEST. SPIDERS nest of an unusual kindhas been built in a peony bush,this summer in my garden. A descrip-tion of it may possibly interest someof your readers.It is a conical bag of fine close web, nearly fourinches long; the point rested ina crutch of five leaves, two ofwhich, of equal size, about twoinches long, were fastened up theback of the bag; the three smallerleaves were attached slightly tothe front of the bag only at thebottom of each leaf. The top, or mouth of the bag,about two inches in diameter, waskept open in a perfect circle bystrings of strong web, fastened toleaves an inch or two off. Fromthose leaves more web wasstretched to leaves or branches,and repeated until the supports,woven sideways, upward, anddownward, spread over the bushsixteen inches square or more.When this was finished, a trian-gular piece of thick web, li

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.